Comments of the Week 79 – Oh, let's break it down!

Yeah, let’s move it, people! Comments of the Week is back with yet another dose of your favorite host, Dreamweaver! Oh, and a bunch of other, less-important people. As you know, every week, yours truly, goes out to find a bunch of the best comments said by peasants (like you!) that makes me laugh. Then I compile all of those comments here, in this community showcase, with the sole purpose of getting everyone to laugh with me as I make fun of you. You should feel honored!Of course, Comments of the Week is also for the people who couldn’t be around 24/7 to snatch up all of the best comments said this week, so whether you’ve been away to play, or simply want to remember all of the fun you had once more, then here you go! As always, you can expect comments to be placed into three categories:TRUTH: apparently, “PNP” — which is an acronym for “party and play” — means you’re willing to use drugs like meth during sex.LOL: I thought it was just a short way of saying “penises and pussies.”WUT?: I totally didn’t find that out from a Craigslist ad. No sir.If you missed last week’s Comments of the Week, I don’t blame you this time! It was generously front-paged within an hour or so of posting, so you might’ve wandered into the Cblogs being all lost like “yo, Dreamweaver be fucking up!” and then probably relapsed without your weekly dose of me.From MMA fighter beats the shit out of opponent, throws a Pokeball at himDreamweaver: Can’t have no heart in the pimp game either.From Juri coming to Street Fighter V later this monthDreamweaver: She can sit on my meta(pod)!From King of Fighters XIV is getting a PS4 demo tomorrowDreamweaver: Damn, I wasn’t ready for all this nostalgia.From Find out how Pokemon Go’s tech actually worksDreamweaver: Damn, I wasn’t ready for all this racism.From Gravity Rush 2 drops in early DecemberDreamweaver: You think you’ve got it bad? WE’RE EITHER GETTING DONALD TRUMP OR HILARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT.From Overwatch’s newest hero Ana is now available on PCDreamweaver: That’s why we only have one Elsa. <3From Overwatch console update adds Ana, nerfs Torbjorn and SymmetraDreamweaver: Never underestimate how badly purse candy can hurt you.From Kojima Productions’ mascot makes for a cool figureDreamweaver: It’ll probably be unskippable too.From At this point, the reaction to Metroid Prime: Federation Force seems splitDreamweaver: Like my debut as a porn star.From Battleborn has its own PlayStation Flash SaleDreamweaver: Like paying for porn videos.From How to make a living the honest way in No Man’s SkyDreamweaver: He can also contract space STDs, which are like the STDs on Earth, but no one can hear you scream.From Florida man shoots at teens playing Pokemon GoDreamweaver: No, he shoots again. Striking involves blunt objects.From The System Shock remake will also make it to PS4Dreamweaver: Go get another Snak Pak.From Indie dev touches on the limitations of Nintendo’s Cross-Buy systemDreamweaver: Oh my!From Ubisoft says Nintendo NX is ‘really great,’ will woo ‘casual players’Dreamweaver: Boobisoft.Yes, they are. <3From It’s been over five years since Mega Man Legends 3 was canceledDreamweaver: He works in a restaurant.From This custom Pokemon Go Pokedex battery pack is awesomeDreamweaver: That’s what he gets for refusing to get in his balls.Wait.From Review: God Eater ResurrectionDreamweaver: I’d settle for one!From Niantic wants you to stop asking for new Pokemon Go stops and GymsDreamweaver: You better Poke-Go.Dreamweaver: Then who did I hear it from?From Pokemon Go update to provide players with some goddamn common sense (Fauxclusive)Dreamweaver: So that’s why rednecks have no common sense.From Review: Gal Gun: Double PeaceDreamweaver: L-Lewd!From Japan of all places isn’t getting Pokemon Go just yetDreamweaver: Yo, the hentai’s real tho, right? RIGHT?From From Auschwitz to Arizona: Humble requests that you stop playing Pokemon GoDreamweaver: …I hate you.From What the fockemon is a kilometer?Dreamweaver: Considering who our presidental candidates are, I seriously doubt that would happen.From Square Enix makes the first episode of Life is Strange permanently freeDreamweaver: No, that’s Mike Martin.From The World of Final Fantasy collector’s edition is massiveDreamweaver: Why not your children?From Baby-making RPG Conception II coming to Steam next monthDreamweaver: Whose baby is this? Whose baby is this?It ain’t my baby.From Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman are locked in for Injustice 2Dreamweaver: Psh, white people. Tell them fools to look up the ending of School Days, then we’ll talk.From Nintendo just revealed a ton of new Pokemon for Sun & MoonDreamweaver: Stick to pearl necklaces.From Finally, a Pokemon Go dating appDreamweaver: What did you think was the first inspiration of Pokemon?Yeah, try looking at a Venosaur now.Dreamweaver: I read that as “gotta catch all them motherfuckers.”And that’s it for this one, folks! As always, let me know what comments I might’ve missed out on below, or simply just talk about which one’s were your favorite!

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