What game headlines would make you absolutely shit out of excitement? REDUX


Ok so I did this a long time ago and it was really fun so imma do it again before I start blogging for reals, bc ye. Here’s how it works:

Like the title says, just post headlines that would make you extremely excited to hear. I’ll edit this post to include whatever you guys say.

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“Mecha anime FPS Shogo: Mobile Armor Division 2 announced”
“Long-awaited fourth entry in TimeSplitters series confirmed, will include monkeys and bricks as usual”
“Monolith Productions’ brand new first-person shooter revealed, will be single-player only and contain bucket loads of gore”


“Surprise! Cyberpunk 2077 release date announced along with new gameplay trailer.”
“Bill Trinen’s Best Kept Secret: He’s an actual ninja block”
“The Nintendo NX is both a portable and a home console, and it’s launching at $400”
“EA Has Lost the Exclusive Rights to create Star Wars games”


“Ape Escape sequel/remake announced, early screenshots look beautiful”

“Klei announces successor to Mark of the Ninja”

“BREAKING: Half-Life 3 violently resurrected, gameplay footage shows portal gun in effect”

“This new, high budget beat-em-up looks impressive”

“This new, Black Flag style pirate game also looks impressive”

“Moon Studios’ new platformer actually made my eyes explode with joy, call an ambulance”

“Activision no longer owns anything, all their shit is up for grabs”


“Serious Sam 4 out tomorrow, is launching on all platforms simultaneously.”


“Activision just sold Raven Software to Bethesda”


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