What do you do when you're bored?

Already getting the summertime blues?

It’s no little known secret that I am a teacher by profession, I love what I do and I like to stay busy! That being said…summertime can bring some serious downtime. I LOVE having that freedom for about…a week or so, but then that lovely boredom comes creeping in! Normally, I try to keep myself busy with some tasks, such as a part time job or community projects, but not so much this summer. Here’s a few things I could probably do to combat this demon known as boredom!

1) ANIME ANIME ANIME – one of my first go-to hobbies is to reach out and try some new anime variety. I just started getting into Neko Para Volume 2, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m playing the Steam version WITHOUT mods…so I’m not being a total perv^^ ANYWAY, that should only last me another day or two. Anyone familiar with some fun, relatively short series that I could get into? I’m also interested in trying some new VN’s. I’ve basically completed Fate/Stay, Grisaia, and Danganronpa 1 (still need to start up 2). I’m pretty diverse in my taste for anime, but if the series is much more then 25 episodes then I’m not very interested in it. I still wonder sometimes how I ever sat through the entire series of shows like Dragonball or Dragonball Z…or even Pokemon when I think about it…

2) VIDEO GAMING – obviously I like video games. I have a pretty decent PC, a PS4, and a newly acquired Wii U. I’ve obliterated Dark Souls, slain all the demons in Doom, and I’m currently working on my Angel slaying skills in Bayonetta 2. I don’t think I’ve played a game that had me hooked on multiplayer since Destiny, and even then I had a small group of friends I played with daily (I’m always looking for more friends to play with btw, so hit me up if you’d like). Any recommendations for some fun games to play with friends, or even solo? I suppose now is as good a time as any to sit down and finally play Fallout 4, which I’ve kind of been sitting on for a while now. I know, it’s not Fallout 3…but when God gives you lemons, yeah?

3) MAKE A GAME – yes, I’ve been contemplating doing this. As many of you know, the unofficial Destructoid Discord channel is a thing, and is full of many fun and exciting personalities (such as JuIc3)!!! I’ve been looking into various resources such as RPG Maker and Ren’Py, and I’m kinda tinkering with developing a script…but that’s all I need to say for now :3 anyone else have experience working on games using simple development programs? Definitely let me know, I am all ears for advice and pro tips!

4) READING – not my favorite pasttime, but I certainly wouldn’t mind getting into a fine piece of literature. It’s been a long time since I sat down and truly embrace a good book, and I’m always looking for a few new ideas. This also includes Manga I should say, which is obviously waaay different in terms of style, but the big thing with me is I want to sit down and enjoy a nice piece of literature. Reading is good for you, or so they say. Any recommendations? 

5) GO OUTSIDE – DUN DUN DUN…but really, I’ve been doing this a lot myself lately. I find that getting out and exercising is very therapeutic, and really can help you process things when you are in a dilemma. I like to go for a nice jog now and then, but walks are also good. The artistic side of my brain truly appreciates nature when it’s at it’s finest, and fortunately I live in a town that is very well maintained and has many lovely parks to visit. It also has my ex wife in it…but not everywhere can be perfect. What are some of your favorite outdoor activities to do?

6) COOKING – chef JuIc3 is always willing to develop his culinary skills! I’ve certainly got down the art of making a fine pasta, alas that’s one of the easiest things in the book. I spend lots of time checking my newsfeed for various media outlets and see all sorts of simple dishes that look delicious and easy to make…until I reach out and try to do it myself just to create a demonic substance that Satan himself would reject (he’s far more picky then you could ever imagine). Do you know of some fun simple cooking recipes that you like to use??

7) ??? – hit me up with some fun summertime ideas! What do you and your friends like to get out and do during those days of summertime blues? I’ll be sitting here in the meantime watching my catgirls and starring at this really fat bird outside my window…I mean it is a FAT bird guys. Maybe it’s pregnant?? Hmm….sex…

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