Sniper AI with no fucks to give

It’s a beautiful evening, the stars are out, people are gathering in the streets, diners and local pubs, while you watch them from a distance through the crosshairs silently whispering Bang. You secured the best spot on the rooftop, one of your colleagues brought a little radio and you enjoy the feeling that you’re keeping all  those people safe, and provide a valuable service the society.

Time for dinner, because of the heat you just decide to eat on the roof. You place your m304 against the wall and enjoy the view, the best view in the world. Your radio earlier playing Sweet home Alabama starts making some weird noises, mildly annoying you, but you’re in such a good mood you don’t pay attention to it. You have yourself another sip of water and help yourself to a lovely sandwich your wife made you this morning. Such a hectic morning it was, getting the kids to school, your wife to work and then set up your spot here with just one car, but what a good day it turned out to be.

But now something is getting on your nerves, it’s the noise, did it get worse? You try to ignore it, but the noise gets worse quickly. Suddenly you shoot up realising it’s not the radio at all. You look again through the scope at the ones so peaceful view, just to see a massacre of epic proportions. You see the people, dead, killed, by one man loaded with guns on his back crouching behind everything he can use as cover. You see your friends are already getting in position so you just follow suit.

The crouching wave of death that murdered everyone on the ground floor and now focusses his attention on the rooftops. You are the last line of defence, if he gets past you everyone dies. You got the advantage of the darkness so there is only one thing left to do, turn on your way to visible laser light, aim down the sights, keep aiming, yes, take your time, and then,… you died. Headshot. Who the hell programmed you miserable failure, Snipers don’t work like this people, get it right!

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