Get Well Soon, Elsa

We haven’t talked much, you and I.  I think we may have played a board game at PAX one year, but honestly I could just be confusing you with someone else.  I have little faith in the veracity of my memories.

But these memories I am more certain of, because they were a much more common event.  In my many years here, lurking in the inky shadows of these halls, observing conversations of those around me, I would notice you were often a part of them.  You are the rare breed that can not only play along with the normal blue jokes often seen around these parts, but can also get involved in meaningful discussions, speaking on topics in an eloquent and verbose but effective manner I could never do on my best of days.

And even with all the negativity surronding us in recent times, I have not heard anyone speak ill of you and what you’ve done here.  Nothing more harsh than hushed words of reverence.  In observing these scenes I played a silent third wheel to, it became obvious that you are an important and beloved member of our community.

So dispite our near lack of interaction, when I heard of the hardships you are currently facing, I still felt terribly for you.  What a rotten fucking thing to happen to such a good person.  I felt like I needed to do something, to offer some sort of strange comfort, and decided to do it in the manner I find easiest; I drew a dumb picture and got everyone else here to help me make it better.

Get well soon, Elsa.  We all wish you the best.

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