Get to know your JuIc3!!!

This is dog…

Hey Dtoid, long time no see! It’s been a long time since I’ve crossed paths with you but hey, things happen for a reason right? Anyway nice to meet you all, name’s JuIc3 (juice), too gangsta to spell it out the easy way. Well no…no actually I’m not gangsta at all. I’m white. I’m white as hell….but I mean the name sounded cool at the time? Anyway whatever, let’s get down to the get to know me stuff!



I’ll likely remember a few faces, but I was on the former Destructoid forums a couple years ago. Seems like they are no more now(?) but that’s cool! I went by Scuba Steve, and then I just kind of…well…disappeared for a while. I recall some awesome people being in the community back then, and I’m curious if many (any?) are still around at all. I’ve been keeping my eye on the news lately though, especially with Playstation VR, Dark Souls, and obviously Miitomo becoming a big thing. I mean everyone and their mom is on Miitomo right now, I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t but…yeah. Needless to say, Dtoid seems to have all sorts of new colors, shapes and sizes, so I’ll just see if I can squeeze in there and join in on the fun. 


You weeb, bruh?

Cuz I do! I’m into all kinds of shows, but recently I’ve enjoyed watching Lucky Star, Chuunibyou, and other fun shows. I’m slowly trying to convert my gf into a weeb too, so that’s always fun. I’m also trying to teach her the ways of Dark Souls…I mean it’s a challenge but she’s starting to git gud. I teach, so coming home to a drink and gaming is always a nice pasttime. I’m hoping to make some new friends in the community here =| I-I promise not to bite. I mean unless that’s your thing…if it is then I gotchoo gurl! Seriously though, PLZ BE MY FRIEND? =3


You can catch me on PSN normally, or PC. I do have a New 3DS, and I’ve been playing Hyrule Warriors Legends lately. It’s pretty fun, considering that it’s practically a broken game on older models, but I digress. I’m also on Steam by the same name if you wanna look me up. I’d like to think I’m a pretty chill guy, and I’m always open to meeting new people and having a little friendly debate here and there. I teach music, so that’s normally a fun topic that I like getting into, but I’m also into some sports, food, and cats…yeah, I like cats. If you don’t then you’re a liar. 


I’ll just…make my way to the door now…

If you have any questions for me, hit me up in the comments below! I’ll try to keep a fairly consistent blog going, and I’ll try to make sure it’s entertaining enough not to waste TOO much of your time. Catch ya on the flip side!

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