Dtoid Designs Final Contest Winner

Winner of the Final Dtoid Designs Contest This long journey has come to an end. I started the Dtoid Designs contest six months ago to put a spotlight on the creative Destructoid readers and hopefully encourage more people to try their hand a level and game design. 88 levels later, I bring the contest to an end. For March I tasked you with creating whatever level you like, and I can honestly say all the entries were a blast to play through.

Only one can win, and that level is:

Winner: The Revived Arboretum by Kaleido Ruby

Level ID: CDB8-0000-016B-88C9

Runner-Up: Bonus: Let’s Play Cave Explorer by TheBlondeBass Level

ID: A32E-0000-01F1-87EF

Thank you to everybody who entered over the past six months. I was an honor to play the wonderful levels you created, and I hope you all keep on making!

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