Don't be a Pubbie. Git Mediocre at least

Pubbies, CODpieces, COD kids call them what you want but you know what I want I feel like having a bit of a rage and you know what? The time has come for me to address this. I did hint about it a long time ago in my “How COD is harming gaming” piece and you know what it’s time for me to do this.

So first of all it’s important to define a pubbie. A Pubbie is a giant selfish piece of worthless shit who feels entirely entitled to do what they want in games and for everyone else to fall in line despite what they want to do being entirely terrible. Then if you explain to them even in a non terrible way they’re playing badly and harming everyone else’s experiences by playing in a way that’s entirely useless to the team because they know sweet fuck all about how to play, they go on a huge whine about it.

And before I get accused of Strawmannig some imaginary terrible entitled pricks in gaming I present a Journalist whinning about how gaming is terrible. All because as a support he refused to support in Dota 2 and instead tried to go full damage and not you know play support.  His justification “But I did fine why is my team so terrible to me?

Funny isn’t it that it’s a journalist whining about how gaming should have empathy for new players etc while showing a complete lack of empathy for the rest of his team as he likely ruins the game for them by playing what amounts to being the TF2 engineer without ever placing a dispenser or Turrent……… yeh really.

Pubbies are becoming a problem recently and you’ll likely notice them more in free to play games or more recently games being Beta tested. I’m running into a lot of pubbies at present in the Overwatch Beta for example a Mercy (healer) who spent the entire game using her pistol and no abilities. I saw it in the Battleborn Beta to where Miko (one of the healers) regularly was played by someone who never used their healing abilities at all.

I’ve seen it becoming so much more common and you know what, I’m sick of it. I know there’s going to be some calls that “oh you’re being exclusionary” or ” Stop being so elitist” or even “You were bad once”. The difference here is this is bad to a whole new level where I seriously question if the only reason some of these people are playing games is to take time off from licking windows.  I’m mediocre at best I’ll admit it but I’m at least competent with being mediocre. I at least try to understand and learn game a bit before starting. I can’t be all that terrible as I ended up invited to the then world number 3 Tribes 2 clan after only my first match of the game.

Here’s the thing though, while it was my first ever match of Tribes 2 (The first online shooter I ever played), it wasn’t the first I’d played of it. I’d already gone through the tutorial and gone through and bothered to look over the controls. That’s it, a short period of time learning very basic ideas.

I don’t know what it is in gaming more recently that’s causing it, a sense of entitlement maybe? A very different audience coming in? Maybe a problem of ego or something? Whatever it is, it’s becoming a joke playing some team games. It’s gone from me being able to go into pretty much any game and find at least competent people to just having to hope, this is the match where I get the people who know things like a healer should heal people or a tank should tank damage.  

So if you’re still reading this here are some helpful……….. you know what you’ve read this far and I doubt any pubbie actually has read past the title here so you know what how about I share some tales of stupidity of what I’ve seen pubbies do in the past for you to laugh at just how stupid this stuff gets.

In Evolve having never used their support shield or other abilities, the support on our team in Evolve loudly proclaimed “What the fuck, why won’t you fuckers help me take down this monster and why the fuck is headshotting it’s not working to instant kill like COD does. This game’s bullshit” and promptly quit the game.

In the Rainbow Six Siege Beta I had someone on my team pick Glaz (The sniper) and yell about how they were going to own the other team. They ran through the first door without waiting and were gunned down near instantly by the enemy team waiting the other side. By some miracle I got highest score of the round and the start of the next round he immediately shoots me claiming I killed him in the previous round.

In the Battleborn Beta I had two of the team playing the soldier (Oscar Mike) and sniper (Marquis) keep being killed by playing terribly. They then raged about how it was all our fault, despite them refusing to get behind me (I was the tank). We had 0 respawns left and they decided to rage quit the game leaving me (playing Galilea) along with a Reyna and a Rath player, so we kinda had no real ranged damage potential.

In a match of Smite we had one guy playing Odin (A melee warrior) who was standing so far back most fights he was behind me (I was playing a ranged mage). He refused to start fights and would almost do anything when an enemy was low so he could jump in and get the kill, only to then die. The reason was because most of the rest of the team had already been fighting and because we were 1 man down in the fight due to him hanging so far back most of the team were pulling back knowing the fight wasn’t going well. By the end of the game he was o about how we were all terrible and he was the only one going positive (6 kills for 5 deaths). We lost and I called him out on it. He threatened to track down my address come round and try and kill me and if I had a girlfriend there he’d rape her in front of me. Suffice to say he’s now banned from Smite thanks to a report filed on him for that outburst.

So let me just finish off by saying In single player or in private you can do whatever the hell you like in games. You can be as bad or worse than Polygon if you want in single player, no skin off my nose (but I reserve the right to have a laugh if you’re claiming to be some great knowledge on games and do that). However the recent editorial on Rock, Paper, Shotgun about the idea of “Git Gud” sets out how individual fun in more important than being good. OK…. but the problem is that is only really ever true for single player games. In multiplayer games doing what you like “cause fun” can actually be selfishly ruining the fun of everyone else in the game. Multi player games are not about you, but about the team. In team games even if we’re doing badly I always try to make sure when blame is being passed out that I try to speak up for those bothering to do their job properly. They may be the healer with no kills and lots of deaths, they may be the tank with no kills or they may be the assassin who has no kills but plenty of assists. Chances are by helping the team they’re not the reason we’re losing. 

So on the subject of Pubbies, what are your thoughts?

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