Doctor Strange

The trailer for the anticipated Doctor strange movie has been released, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. While I’m excited to see the film I have to admit that I’m sure like many other people, I don’t care about Doctor strange at all. I realize how he’s going to introduce magic into the MCU, which is a big deal considering the Netflix series that recently began production, Iron Fist will be coming out next year. My thoughts on the trailer are fine, it looks like interesting premises. It wasn’t the best trailer, but marvel isn’t known for their trailers and I have no doubt the movie will be excellent. While I’m not entirely swept away by what I have seen of Doctor strange I’m still excited. I remember thinking that the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers were just “okay.” The movie itself was an amazing fun space adventure, one of which that I saw it three times in theaters because it was that good. Personally, I’ve been a fan of The guardians of the Galaxy comics for awhile before the movie came out but I know a lot of people who had no idea who any of these characters was. Like much of the people seeing Doctor strange, I have no true prior knowledge with this character which leaves me not caring much about the movie, albeit I’m a devoted marvel fan and I’m going to see this movie anyway I can’t help but think how well will this movie succeed and how many people will actually see it? I think we don’t have another Guardians of the Galaxy on our hands, but who knows. I’m interested to see what you all have to say below.

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