Dark Souls 3 Online play info

-You can only be invaded if you’re in your fired-up (lord of cinder) state, which is the equivalent of Humanity in the previous games. When you die you lose that but you don’t turn into a zombie. You can stock up on the consumable item that restores the flame fairly easily. It gives you a larger HP bar.

-You can summon up to 3 players to help you and up to 6 players can be in a session

-There is a new kind of covenant that makes you a purple phantom who can invade and attack both the host and their allies as well as red and blue phantoms AND the mobs.

-You cannot be invaded if resting at a bonfire. Yes, Miyazaki is finally beginning to understand why most people play video games (hint: it’s not to get stressed)

-Everyone can use Estus flasks during PvP.

-Invaders gain an estus flask when an enemy player dies.

-Matchmaking is based on both player level and equipment upgrade tier.

-There is password-based matchmaking so you can play with your friends regardless of their level, but if you summon a player that is at a significantly higher level than you, their damage output will be nerfed.


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